Breaking Barriers in Pharmaceutical Testing: AT Xtend™ Powered by Toradex

SOTAX is a worldwide company in pharmaceutical testing equipment and associated services. With a strong focus on innovation and quality, SOTAX develops, manufactures, and markets cutting-edge solutions for the pharmaceutical testing and science industries. By excelling in flexibility, performance, quality, and safety, SOTAX consistently maintains its competitive edge, setting the benchmark for high-quality pharmaceutical testing equipment worldwide.


AT Xtend™ Powered by Toradex

The AT Xtend™ dissolution tester, powered by Toradex Apalis iMX6 System on Module, offers diverse manual sampling options within time slots, supported by an intuitive touchscreen HMI for efficient operator tasks. The collaborative work with Toradex was essential for overcoming challenges and fulfilling requirements, resulting in an advanced and compliant device. The Apalis iMX6 implementation, with hardware development tools and Toradex BSP layers, expedited SOTAX's product development, ensuring rapid prototyping and shorter time-to-market.

Sampling and Filtration

Automated sampling maintains repeatability by withdrawing from identical positions and facilitates rapid sampling, even with surfactants, effectively filtering down to 0.2 microns.


SOTAX dissolution testers ensure compliance through their low wobble rating, fixed shaft height, precise vessel centering, and quick lock system, allowing rapid changeover and regulatory compliance without adjustments.


Effortlessly observe dissolution vessels with the unique bath design, offering unobstructed visibility from outside and inside through CenterView™ video monitoring - while the round shape enables optimal water circulation for temperature uniformity and easy corner-free cleaning.

We were able to develop a reliable platform for our next generation of dissolution testers, which also addresses our long product cycles. We have been selling the AT Xtend™ for almost 10 years already, and Toradex committed to continue producing the Apalis iMX6 until 2036 so we can focus on new products and not spend time replacing our computer modules in short intervals.

Stefan Gasser

Electrical Engineer, SOTAX Group

SOTAX’s Journey with Toradex

  • Overcoming Sampling Process and HMI Challenges with Apalis iMX6

    At first, SOTAX focused on meeting the requirements for the sampling process and creating a user-friendly HMI. They sought reliable hardware paired with stable software to achieve a simple, repeatable process that was accurate and reliable. Additionally, they turned to the Toradex Apalis iMX6 System on Module to create an intuitive touchscreen HMI with a high-power CPU and multiple interfaces.

  • The Long-Term Support Challenge

    SOTAX required long-term support in their development process for hardware and software solutions to ensure availability over extended periods due to long product cycles and portfolio expansion. Toradex's commitment to producing the Apalis iMX6 until 2036 gave SOTAX confidence that their systems would function reliably and effectively.

  • Accelerating Development Iterations with Toradex's Tools

    In the pharmaceutical testing equipment field, SOTAX must have efficient development processes that allow for rapid iteration and refinement of their solutions. With Toradex's suite of development tools, on-demand support, and documentation, SOTAX was able to overcome this challenge. The hardware platforms, BSP layers, Pinout designer, and carrier board design guides all expedited the development process.

For me, the "carrier board design guide" was very helpful - I think it is also very well written. I would buy it as a book. The Pinout Designer gave me confidence that I used the right pins. Also, it was helpful that the design files of the Apalis carrier board were available for Altium, as we recently switched to this CAD program.

Stefan Gasser

Electrical Engineer, SOTAX Group

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Starter Kits

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Low-End Starter Kit

  • Up to four Cortex-A53 1.4 GHz processors
  • Cortex-M4F processor with speeds up to 400 MHz
  • TI AM62X applications processor
  • Dual-Band 2.4/5 GHz 1x1 Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) + Bluetooth 5.2
  • Torizon IoT Platform: Linux OS Maintenance, Remote Software Updates & Device Management
  • Linux Support included
US$ 306,00
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Kit Inicial Moderno para Todos os Fins

  • Torizon Cloud gratuita com integração OTA e Ferramenta de Desenvolvedor
  • Várias Interfaces para Display LVDS/DSI/HDMI
  • Memória ECC Inline para alta confiabilidade
  • Acelerador de Aprendizado de Máquina e Interfaces de Câmera
  • Compacto e Econômico
US$ 428,60
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Recursos de Segurança Funcional Avançados de Alto Desempenho

  • Torizon Cloud gratuita com integração OTA e Ferramenta de Desenvolvedor
  • Melhor Desempenho de CPU e GPU
  • Microcontrolador Integrado para Segurança ou Tempo Real
  • Também disponível com QNX
US$ 522,45
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Kit Inicial de IHM de última geração com Wi-Fi

  • Torizon Cloud gratuita com integração OTA e Ferramenta de Desenvolvedor
  • Display Touch Capacitivo 10.1” 1280x800
  • Wi-Fi de alto desempenho (Antena dupla 802.11ac)
  • Demos de Qt/Crank e Interface de Usuário Web
US$ 686,60
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Maivin - Sistema de visão e IA full-stack modular

  • Soluções de pilha cheias
  • Torizon Cloud com sistema operacional Linux, OTA e monitoramento de dispositivos
  • Integração de aprendizado de máquina DeepView e eIQ (precisa verificar para corrigir os ícones de marca registrada)
  • Processador de aplicativos NXP® i.MX 8M Plus com NPU
  • Design modular e compacto adequado para implantação em campo
  • Sensor da câmera
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