Verdin Arm Family

Apalis IconVerdin is an upcoming new System on Module standard expanding on the successful Colibri and Apalis form factors. It provides a revised, modern and capable interface set and focuses on ease-of-use, robustness and being future-proof.

Verdin is similar sized to the Colibri but with a higher pin count. A DDR4 SODIMM edge connector provides a cost-effective, highly reliable, shock- and vibration-resistant connection.

The future-proof pinout gives developers simple access to the latest interfaces, and a wide range of pin-compatible modules will provide excellent scalability. Three simple categories of Interface pins are available. Fully compatible pins are guaranteed to be available on every Verdin module. Reserved pins have a reserved dedicated function and are available on most Verdin modules. Type-specific pins provide access to specific features of a certain SoC, but are not guaranteed to be compatible with other Verdin modules.

Verdin Product Family

The Verdin Familiy taps into the rich Toradex ecosystem, offering industry-leading free support, an in-house open-source Linux operating system and a range of partner operating systems including Android and QNX. A wide range of industry-specific off-the-shelf software solutions (e.g. Qt, Crank, and Codesys) are available as easy to integrate packages. In addition, a broad range of off-the-shelf carrier boards are currently in development by Toradex and its partners.



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Optimized Interface
Modern future-proof interfaces, allow for the design of cost-effective devices
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Simple Power Requirements
Battery-ready single wide range supply input voltage. Module generated 1.8V peripheral supply
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Full System Power Management
A smart way to manage power of the complete system including peripherals
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Wireless Connectivity
Latest highly reliable certified onboard Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options
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Designed for harsh environments with extensive environment test reports available
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Direct Breakout™
Add real-world I/O ports without needing to cross traces or traverse layers. Reduce cost and complexity
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Torizon: Easy-to-use Industrial Linux
All Verdin modules come with the Open Source Torizon Linux, so you can focus on your application and not the drivers
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Lifetime Maintenance
10+ years availablity, long-term Software support

This is an early product announcement. All provided information is preliminary and subject to change.
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