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Experience Android 5.1 on Apalis T30, Colibri T30, and Apalis iMX6 modules

terça-feira, 28 de julho de 2015

AndroidGreat news! You can now experience Android 5.1 on our Tegra based modules Apalis T30 & Colibri T30 modules, and Freescale i.MX 6 based Apalis iMX6 module. Our partner Antmicro has carried out this port and offers a demo Android image for these modules.

Experience Android 5.1 on Toradex modules

quarta-feira, 6 de maio de 2015

AndroidGreat news! The latest Android 5.1 now runs on the Toradex Colibri T30 module. Toradex modules are one of the first embedded platforms to offer an out-of-box experience for the latest version of Android.