Embedded industry embraces Apalis computer module standard

sexta-feira, 14 de junho de 2013
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Icon for Apalis Only a few months after the final release of the Apalis computer module standard - https://docs.toradex.com/100975-apalis-ulp-com-qseven-smarc-comparison-whitepaper.pdf - by Toradex, we’re seeing the first third party product with a Samsung Exynos 5 processor appearing on the market, providing our customers with a true second source option. The module was developed by German manufacturer Christmann and comes with a Samsung 4GB low voltage DDR3 DRAM as well as a Samsung 16GB eMMC flash memory. Two Gb-Ethernet interfaces allow for a fast network connection between boards and the external world. More information on the new Apalis standard module can be found here http://www.electronicsweekly.com/news/components/microprocessors-and-dsps/german-firm-runs-arm-processor-based-supercomputer-in-leipzig-2013-06/.

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