Windows CE 6.0 & Windows Embedded Compact 7 Imagem V1.3 beta 1 Release para módulos Toradex Tegra

quinta-feira, 24 de abril de 2014

WindowsWe are pleased to announce the Windows CE 6.0 and Windows Embedded Compact 7 Image V1.3 beta 1 release for our Colibri and Apalis Tegra modules. The significant addition in this release is a new multimedia stack, so that the T30 modules now also support video playback.

Read more on the updates in this release, here: Tegra Release Details

Download Image

You can download the Windows CE6 and Windows Embedded Compact 7 images from our server.
There is only one zip file containing all the images:

For customers building their own image, the Board Support Packages are also available at:

The workspace for Windows CE 6.0 and Windows Embedded Compact 7 can be downloaded here:

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