O AC97 Tweak

segunda-feira, 23 de junho de 2014
Apalis, Colibri, Windows

Apalis, Colibri, WindowsDuring product development on Toradex modules, in case there is a need for confirguration of some special audio codec features, especially those which are not accessible through the common wave API, the AC97 Tweak referenced here will come in handy. This tool is available in the Toradex Colibri Software

Listed below is a glimpse of the possible features you could configure while using the AC97 Tweak;

    1. headphone driver
    2. equalizer settings
    3. direct access to audio codec registers
    4. record gain
    5. enable loopback mode to test the audio signal path
    6. record and replay a wave file

Please keep note that the Audio Driver mutes the Audio-Out path after each played sound. The AC97 Tweak tool does not reflect this correctly in the Mute checkbox.

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