Mallow Carrier Board

  • Compatible with the Verdin System on Module Family
  • Low-cost Carrier Board in the Verdin Family
  • Small form factor (Pico-ITX 100mm x 72mm)
  • Built for Volume Production


Simple to Extend


Use extension connectors for your custom daughter boards. Ready-to-use Displays are available.
M.2 Connector for Modems, ML Accelerators, Storage, and more.

Torizon - The Easy-To-Use Industrial Linux Platform

Mallow is supported by Torizon, Toradex's Easy-to-Use Industrial Linux Platform. It allows you to Modernize your Development and Maintenance. Torizon is easy to use, secure, and reliable thanks to full-stack integration from the cloud to the hardware.
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Open Source Hardware


All the Design Data is available, including Altium Design Files, Schematics, and Bill of Material (BOMs), making Mallow an ideal starting point for your own customized board.
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Product Design and Component selection are optimized to provide robustness in challenging environments while keeping the cost low. Long-term supported software and simple and secure update features reduce the maintenance cost.

Built for Volume

The Mallow Carrier board is the ideal solution for industrial and embedded applications. Designed with cost optimization in mind for small and medium production runs, it's perfectly suited for volume production. Whether you're manufacturing a small batch or scaling up, the Mallow Carrier board is the reliable choice for your project.

Scalable Performance

The Mallow Carrier board seamlessly integrates with the entire Verdin System on Modules Family, offering a hassle-free way to adjust performance and pricing. The compatibility goes beyond hardware, as Toradex's software simplifies the transition of your software stack across different modules. Furthermore, the Mallow board guarantees compatibility with even the forthcoming Verdin SoMs.


Gigabit Ethernet

2x USB 3.x SuperSpeed**

Recovery Mode Pads

USB-C Dual Role

HDMI 2.0*

Power Terminal 7V - 24V DC

Alternative Power Pins


SODIMM Connector Compatible with all Verdin Modules

Debug UART

LVDS Display Interface*

4x User LEDs

Capacitive Touch / I2C

Temperature Sensor

Reset Button

Power Button


Nano SIM Card (Connected to M.2)

Micro SD Card

Debug UART

Quad Lane MIPI CSI-2 Camera Interface

Quad Lane MIPI DSI Display Interface

EEPROM for simple configuration

TPM 2.0

USB 3.x Hub

M.2 Connector B Key 30/42/52mm cards

Expansion Connector Power Control Signals, M.2 GPIOs

Backup Battery CR1025

Expansion Connector 2x UART, 4x I2C, 1x SPI, 2x CAN, 4x ADC, 1x I2S, 2x PWM, 4x GPIOs, Power

Supported Modules Entire Verdin Family
USB 3.0 2x Host**
USB 2.0 1x USB-C (DualRole)
Ethernet 1x Gigabit with TSN
PCIe* 1x M.2 (Key B)
I2C 4x
SPI 1x
UART 4x (1.8V)
PWM 2x
GPIO up to 40
Analog Inputs 4x
SDIO/SD/MMC 1x 4 Bit (microSD)
CAN 2x (without transceivers)
Low-speed Extension Connectors 3x
*: Not available in all SoMs
**: USB 2.0 only when using an SoM with no USB 3.0 support
Display Serial Interface 1x Quad Lane MIPI DSI
LVDS 1x Dual Channel*
Digital Audio 1x I2S
HDMI 1x 2.0*
Capacitive Touch Interface Yes
Camera Serial Interface 1x Quad Lane MIPI CSI-2
RTC Backup Power 1x CR1025 Battery Holder
TPM 1x TPM2.0
Altium CAE Data Freely Available Yes
Supply Voltage 7-24V DC ±10%
On-Board Power Supplies 5V 6A
3.3V 7A
1.8V 2A
Size 100 x 72 mm (Pico-ITX)
Temperature -25° to 85° C
Intended Use For End Products
Availability 2034+
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Preço por volume a partir de US$ 69,90
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Em volume, a partir de
US$ 69,90

Mallow Carrier Board
PN: 0161

Mallow Carrier Board
  • USB 3.0 | 2.0
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • HDMI*
  • LVDS*
  • TPM
  • -25° to 85° C
*Not available with all modules

Configure seu próprio Mallow Carrier Board

Mallow Carrier Board
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A Toradex fornece acessórios prontos pra uso que podem ser utilizados diretamente em produtos finais. Para alguns dos acessórios são disponibilizados os arquivos de design, incluindo desenhos de montagem, esquemas e projetos completos em Altium.
A Toradex testa os periféricos listados em sua loja virtual e trabalha diretamente com fornecedores de câmeras, modems, monitores, sensores e muito mais, para tornar a integração com SoMs da Toradex o mais fácil possível.

Saiba mais em nosso Developer Center
Verdin Industrial Heatsink Type 1
  • Compatible with Verdin iMX8M Mini, iMX8M Plus and AM62
  • 4 screws (M2x10mm) included with each heatsink for easy mounting to Verdin Carrier Boards
Capacitive Touch Display 10.1" LVDS
  • LVDS cable (250mm) and 10 pin FFC cable (250mm) to connect it with a Carrier Board
Carrier Board Accessory Kit
  • Power Adapter: 12VDC 30W with international plugs
  • Compatible with: Apalis Evaluation Board, Ixora Carrier Board, Colibri Evaluation Board, Iris Carrier Board, Verdin Development Board, Dahlia Carrier Board
CSI Camera Set 5MP Color AR0521
  • MIPI CSI-2 interface
  • onsemi AR0521 1/2.5" 5MP color image sensor with ISP
  • M12 lens mount (S-mount)


O Mallow no Embedded World 2023

Webinar: Desenvolva Produtos Modernos e Competitivos com o Verdin AM62


Min. Product Commitment
Hardware Roadmap

This roadmap indicates how the product is planned from a Toradex hardware development point of view. This is not a detailed release date representation, but visualization of our internal product development timeline.

* Please note that the Product Version might change before going to Volume Product state without prior notice. Toradex is striving to provide a flawless experience once the product is being declared a Volume Product and therefore the hardware might be updated during the Sample Product phase. For details about the Toradex phase-over policy please refer to the PCN Policy Page.

For more details about PID8 level changes and historical releases please refer to the developer page.

  • Q3'23
  • Q4'23
  • Q1'24
  • Q2'24
  • Q3'24
Mallow Carrier Board

  • In Development

  • Sample Production

  • Volume Production

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