Eltronix GmbH

Eltronix GmbH, located in Switzerland, is the official supplier for the Toradex Verdin Android BSPs.

Eltronix GmbH

The customized Bootloader and Kernel provides a perfect entry point to start with the Toradex Development Kits, based on the Verdin platform. Eltronix provides the source code and build instructions free-of-charge to its registered customers.

With eight years of experience in Android OS customization, Eltronix enables you to reach your goals with the great set of features and possibilities Android presents.

The company's modern manufacturing line enables Eltronix to provide you with prototypes, adapter boards and peripherals designed by yourself, or Eltronix's CAD specialists in-house.

Software Services


Application Development, Consulting, Database, Embedded Software Development, OS & Driver Development

Operating Systems:


Application Development
Eltronix's applications are built on top of our customized Android image. We discuss your needs and propose the best solution to reach your goal. With our design partners, we're able to create your application for you from scratch. The resulting application is highly optimized and provides the best performance for the requested jobs.

With nearly a decade of experience in system architecture, our engineering team helps you to decide what's the best fit for your product. We help you to evaluate and explore new technologies and design them into your application.

OS / Driver Development
There are basically no borders with an open-source system like Android. Based upon a highly optimized, secure and maintained repository, it fulfills the basic needs of a modern and rich OS out of the box. Eltronix create your ecosystem with it’s needed system services and end-user APK’s. We implement the required kernel drivers and modify the core system for your use-case.

We have solutions for local and remote database content. We create your schemas and run them on the optimal technology like MySQL, SQLite or Couchdb. Access your data from everywhere and don’t care about data loss or manipulation.

Gateway development service
External peripheral seems to be complicated or even not reachable at all for the userspace applications like Android APK’s.

Our services and libraries serve as a gateway between the low level hardware and your application to provide easy and robust access to the needed device.

Java is used in billions of devices and builds the base of the highly demanded Android OS.

We’re writing native interfaces to build the bridge between C/C++ applications and your APK.
With our Java wrappers you are able to access peripherals like CAN Bus, SPI, I2C or serial ports, directly from your Java application.

Machine Vision
Our experience in capturing, detecting and processing image data enables your system to fulfill your product requirements.

Together with a bit of AI, we can provide you a great set of possibilities to capture your environment.

The Eltronix OTA system is designed by our engineers to fit our customers' needs for the Android OS.

You can Update the core OS, install and remove APK’s and add any payload data you need. The payload could be used to carry an update for your companion MCU or any other data needed by your application.

The service is running either on- or offline and comes with a dedicated packer tool to secure and compress your update package.

We create and modify the embedded OS for your needs. Our libraries enable you to control all of the peripherals and devices on your hardware by yourself. As the official supplier for the Toradex Verdin Android BSPs, we know exactly where and how we have to implement your requirements. This ensures stability and saves time and money.

Backend Frontend Application Development
Our specialists create rich backend systems, based on HTML5, JS and CSS. With our graphical partners, we’re able to provide you a full-service solution, ready-to-use.

As server infrastructure, we use AWS, Azure or self-hosted systems – based on PHP, node.js or SharePoint.


Staatsstrasse 109, Oberriet 9463, St. Gallen, Switzerland



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