Phi Innovations

Phi Innovations is an embedded system solution provider, supporting equipment manufacturers in the development of innovative electronic systems embedded in machines and electronic equipment. The company main focus is hardware design and embedded software development, with strong skills in engineering and computer science.

Phi Innovations

Software Services


Application Development, Java, OS & Driver Development, Qt, WebUI

Operating Systems:

Android, Embedded Linux

Phi Innovations has good experience in developing linux applications for Toradex customers. With their strong skills in embedded Linux, the company customizes our standard linux image to offer optimized solutions for customers' projects. The company offers engineering and software development services to build applications for a variety of industries, such as medical equipment, agricultural equipment, automotive, energy, and many more.

Phi Innovations is the first company to offer embedded Linux commercial support services in Brazil and the first company to deploy customized Android images on custom hardware for several projects.


Avenida José Rocha Bomfim, 214, Ed. Roma, Cj. 215, Center Santa Genebra, Campinas 13080650, São Paulo, Brazil


South America

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