Tour of Toradex Headquarters - Switzerland

Oct 26, 2021 | English

Step inside the Toradex headquarters in Lucerne, Switzerland with Charbax. More information here

Given the ongoing global situation, Toradex has concrete measures in place to ensure everyone stays safe. All footage showcased in this video was shot in compliance with stipulated guidelines.

The Toradex headquarters caters to employees working in R&D, Operations, Marketing, Sales and other functions to support Toradex’s global customers every day. In this video tour, you’ll gain insight from Toradex CEO, Samuel Imgrueth; you'll also get to see what the company’s hardware and software teams are up to, including a glimpse of the verification and testing concepts. In addition, you’ll ‘watch over the shoulder’ of Toradex’s hardware engineering with input from Peter Lischer (Senior Hardware Engineer), and learn about some of the company’s Open Source contributions from Marcel Ziswiler (Senior Software Engineer).

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