KnowCode AI - using computer vision and AI to convert GUI sketches into real embedded applications

Date: February 10, 2021

GUI (Graphical User Interface) development is one of the most time-consuming tasks in embedded systems projects. Accelerating GUI development is crucial to improve time-to-market but current solutions that promise this acceleration are tied to specific tools, which may force engineers and designers to learn a new tool. A completely agnostic solution is therefore a better choice, as engineers and designers can choose any tool to get the job done.

KnowCode AI is a solution from Toradex's partner, TotalCross, that uses Deep Learning to understand prototype images and convert them into GUI code for embedded devices. It is completely agnostic and it allows engineers to get the UI design file (PNG, JPG and other formats) + assets and convert them to code in only a few minutes, having the GUI ready to run on Android and Linux Arm devices.

Key highlights of this webinar include:
  • How KnowCode AI works
  • How it runs on top of TotalCross (free and open source GUI framework) integrated with Toradex offerings, including Torizon and Yocto
  • Use Case (From UI image to code running on a Toradex SoM)
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