Secure Offline and Online Updates for Linux Devices

Date: April 07, 2022

There is a rising trend to connect almost all embedded/IoT devices. However, there are still plenty of use cases where a device is not remotely accessible. These devices still need to receive updates - for bug fixes, security patches, new features, etc.

Toradex has several thousand customers, many of which have implemented their own offline update system, for example, using a USB or SD Card. Most of these systems work but do not provide good security or reliability.

We present Torizon, a Linux IoT Platform, which already offers a highly secure remote update solution based on the Uptane Framework. Uptane is used by several Automotive Manufactures for Over Air Updates (OTA). Toradex extended Uptane Framework to also support offline updates in the same secure way. This extended use case is now an official part of Uptane.

In this webinar, we discuss common ways to do offline updates and the pros and cons in regards to reliability and security. We also demonstrate how to bring offline updates onto embedded/IoT Linux devices.

  • Learn about security and reliability consideration of offline Linux update systems
  • Experience a simple and secure way to bring offline updates to your devices
  • Discuss how online and offline update use cases can be mixed
  • Get your questions answered by our security experts

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