Antmicro Ltd

Antmicro is an embedded technology company focusing on software development and integration, working with emerging technologies, prototyping and feasibility studies, new product development and product upgrades. They are experts in OS porting and driver development (Linux, Android, eCos, RTEMS, FreeBSD, FreeRTOS) and in development of industrial, IoT and vision systems.

Antmicro Ltd

Software Services


Application Development, Machine Learning, Machine Vision, OS & Driver Development

Operating Systems:

Android, eCos, Embedded Linux

Antmicro has developed numerous fully customized Linux images for Toradex's NVIDIA and NXP/Freescale products. Antmicro developed the official eCos for Colibri VF61 module and also supports Android for Toradex modules. They can customize Linux and Android for Toradex hardware to perfectly fit your needs. The credit of porting the latest Android 5.1 on our modules also goes to Antmicro.

Antmicro has helped numerous customers around the world implement various Linux applications on Toradex modules, ranging from camera and vision systems (stereo-vision, object detection, live video processing & display), industrial measurement and control units, to medical systems.

Antmicro is also offering CUDA, OpenCL and deep learning development services for machine vision applications in branches such as robotics, defense and automotive with our new Apalis TK1 module based on NVIDIA TK1.

Guest blogs from Antmicro can be found here.


Toradex Partner Highlights at Embedded World 2018: Antmicro

Hardware Services


Carrier Boards, Product Design

Antmicro has designed various carrier boards for many Toradex's Arm products and can assist in the choice of module factoring in the supported software to best fit a customer's application.

Joint Projects

  • Android Support on Toradex SoMs
  • Fully customized Linux images for Toradex SoMs
  • eCos® RTOS for Colibri VF61 SoM


Zwierzyniecka 3, Poznan 60-813, Wielkopolskie, Poland


Europe, North America

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