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SaM Solutions is an international IT-services and software solutions provider with over 25 years of experience. The company focuses on IT consulting and custom software engineering services for both European and the U.S. markets, leveraging global resources. SaM Solutions has delivered countless solutions for major established companies and technology start-ups specializing in hardware manufacturing, low-level software development, data and network management solutions, and hi-tech industries.

SaM Solutions USA

Before the term “Internet of Things” became popular, SaM Solutions was already offering a complete range of end-to-end systems and embedded software development services for many years, namely, chip level programming, embedded software, firmware/API development, mobility, Big Data and cloud solutions, SDK development etc. The company’s versatile experience and deep understanding of all aspects of the development process enable its work on IoT projects of any complexity – from short-term R&D assignments to ongoing development and maintenance of custom software lasting for years – including the ability to offer turn-key embedded services in a number of technological domains.

This also helps SaM Solutions develop various types of software, from server monitoring and diagnostic suites, virtualization, backup and data migration solutions to custom kernels, bootloaders, drivers, BSPs, GUIs and applications. The company enables hardware manufacturers to rely on customized firmware for their products and to leverage 25 years of experience in Linux/Android device driver development services, working on a comprehensive portfolio of projects across a wide range of appliances and platforms: Network appliances (NAS, routers, enterprise and SOHO servers), Consumer electronics (e-books, set-top boxes, GPS navigation systems, media boxes), smartphones and tablets, industrial equipment, experimental and scientific equipment, self-service (payment) and POS terminals.

Software Services


Cloud Connectivity, Cloud Development, Machine Learning, OS & Driver Development

Operating Systems:

Embedded Linux

SaM Solutions has been working closely with the Toradex team to implement best-in-class technologies by Microsoft and Amazon to leverage edge computing and machine learning services on Toradex modules based on NXP’s i.MX 6ULL SoC. The company has used AWS Greengrass on a Toradex Colibri iMX6ULL running Linux. SaM Solutions considers Toradex as one of its niche partners for projects basis the robust quality of their products, scalability, performance and ease-of-use.

SaM Solutions has built an interesting demo showcasing the predictive maintenance system for an electric motor.

Guest Webinar: Build a Predictive Maintenance System with AWS Greengrass


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