Crossware is a cross platform UI, IoT, and multimedia Software Solution Provider. Pixelperfect and frictionless UX/UI applications and workflows are as close to its heart as ambitious C++ or C multimedia and middleware development. With in-depth OS and HW expertise (Qt, Linux, Android, MCU’s, FreeRTOS, …), the company covers the entire systems engineering core functions and help customers across industries to develop innovative, reusable, and high performant native solutions.


Software Services


Application Development, Embedded Software Development, Qt, WebUI

Operating Systems:

Android, Baremetal, Embedded Linux, FreeRTOS, QNX

UX & UI Engineering: Frictionless and pixelperfect
UI applications on any platform

Middleware & Componentization: Decades of experience in
C++, Audio/Video, Communication

Deployments & Platforms: Deploy/upgrading to any HW/OS
CI, benchmarks and optimize

Recent project with Toradex: Hardware benchmarks (FPS, GPU, CPU) on i.MX 8 M Mini compared with UI frameworks (with and without Torizon) to evaluate the needed system resources depending on demanding UI features (animations, effects, lists, audio/video playback)


Ochsensteige 27, Ulm 89075, Baden-Württemberg, Germany


Europe, Worldwide

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