Makcel is a technology company that works as a third-party partner on electronic projects for the medical, industrial automation, and IoT segments. Its participation may occur at any stage of the project, from design to functional analysis, or component upgrades to line products that require modifications due to obsolescence of components or functionality.


Makcel provides specialized services in detecting intermittent failures in electronic projects, focusing on changes of low impact in projects or electronic products already launched in the market. With extensive knowledge in the development of electromedical products, the company follows the norms and management of projects related to BPF and ANVISA to ensure high quality of the products developed.

The development of the projects consider the risk analysis involved, with the usability of the product to ensure optimal functioning and safety for users. The intellectual property of each product is valued, keeping in mind the objective of mutual success on both sides. All information shared between Makcel and its customers is confidential.

Hardware Services


Carrier Boards

Makcel has designed a Carrier Board for Toradex's iMX7 SoM for the medical market. The product successfully passed the Basic Safety and Essential Performance IEC Certification for NBR IEC60601-1, NBR IEC60601-1-2, NBR IEC60601-2-19, NBR IEC 60601-2-27, NBR IEC60601-2-49 processes.

Makcel handled the project management and the complete HW design of the carrier board, including the analog and digital circuits. It was also optimized for mass production. Makcel further demonstrated its capabilities using Toradex SoMs with a Colibri iMX7-based carrier board for the medical market. This board caters to high voltage isolation for applied parts, ECG, SpO2, control for neonate incubator.

Key services of this project include:

  • Pre-test in laboratories to comply with EMC and safety standards
  • Layout of multilayer PCB with controlled impedance
  • DFX analysis for manufacturing and testability
  • Partnership with mechanical design companies for proper fitment of product parts
  • Assembly and testing of electronic prototypes
  • Code C, C ++ and VHDL
  • Functional test reports
  • Automation of customized functional tests for the production line


Rua Giuseppe Maximo Scolfaro, 1056, Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil


South America

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