TotalCross is an Open Source SDK for GUI creation that makes possible beautiful Apps for low-end devices (low footprint), using a high-level programming language. Its technology is based on 2 main components: Java API and TotalCross Virtual Machine. The Java API ensures an easy-to-use way to build the GUI, and the TCVM that was designed to run in low-power computing devices (RAM 32 MB / CPU 312 MHz), ensures portability between devices (Android, iOS, Win Desktop, Win CE, Linux Desktop and now Linux Arm) and native performance. With TotalCross, any developer can create GUI for all Toradex modules, including support to Torizon.


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Operating Systems:

Android, Embedded Linux

We have been working within the mobile market for over 10 years offering an SDK that allows any developer to build Apps for mobile (Android, iOS and Win CE) and desktop OS (Windows and Linux), with only one source code. In 2019, a new version of TC SDK was released supporting Toradex modules, including the low-end ones, as i.MX 6ULL (256MB RAM / CPU 528Hz / No GPU). In 2020, a new GUI tool will be launched to provide Android Studio support for Toradex modules, including integration with Torizon.

The reason we have been working on such an extension is that there is a strong fit between the Embedded world needs and our 3 main strengths, which are:
  1. Portability between devices: developers code just once for all operating systems
  2. High performance for low-end devices: our Proprietary Virtual Machine provides low footprint apps
  3. Easy for building beautiful Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs).

TotalCross brings the Mobile UI/UX for Embedded devices using Java, but ensuring a native language performance, even running on a MPU without GPU accelerated graphics.

To better improve the user experience, TotalCross is launching a new tool to interpret Android layouts in XML for TotalCross apps, automatically, allowing Android Developers to build apps for Embedded Systems.

Escolhendo a linguagem de programação para seu próximo projeto embarcado

Note: The webinar was held in Portuguese

Creating GUI for Toradex modules with TotalCross Open Source SDK

Desenvolvimento multiplataforma para Embarcados com TotalCross

Note: The webinar was held in Portuguese


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