acontis technologies GmbH

acontis technologies GmbH

acontis technologies GmbH
St.-Konrad-Str. 51, Weingarten 88250, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

acontis technologies was founded in 2001 by Christoph Widmann and Stefan Zintgraf. As a leading provider for EtherCAT® software and Windows® Real-time solutions, acontis serves customers in the following sectors: machine builders, medical, semiconductors and robotics. acontis is known for high quality products which are supplemented by professional Training, Support and Software Services.

Services Offered

Software Services

Services: Application Development, EtherCAT, OS & Driver Development

Region: Asia, Europe, North America, South America

Operating Systems: Embedded Linux, Windows Embedded Compact

acontis provides EtherCAT Master Stack EC-Master out-of-the box for various Toradex Modules on both Win CE and Linux. EtherCAT Configuration & Diagnosis Tool EC-Engineering and integration support are also offered by acontis.


acontis EtherCAT on Toradex SoMs

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