Data Modul AG

DATA MODUL is a renowned, worldwide specialist, supplier and manufacturer of display technologies. DATA MODUL develops solutions for many demanding applications by using a modular concept. The use of modular systems and subsystems allows customers to considerably shorten design cycles and time to market. To increase innovations DATA MODUL dedicates 3-5% of its annual sales to R&D.

Data Modul AG

Hardware Services


Carrier Boards, Manufacturing, Product Design

DATA MODUL offers services for the entire Colibri and Apalis product family, from product distribution to pre-configured kits (including Toradex board, display, touch, cables and OS) and fully customized carrier board designs.

The company also develops and manufactures Touch PCs. The new DATA MODUL 7” (18cm), 10.1” (26cm), and 12.1” (31cm) open frame industrial panel PCs in widescreen format are available with PCAP touch and bonded cover glass as well as with resistive touch. The panel PCs can be supplied with embedded Arm CPUs for NVIDIA Tegra 2 & 3, Freescale Vybrid and i.MX6.


Landsberger Str. 322, München D-80687, Bayern, Germany


Asia, Europe, North America, South America

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