Parametric GmbH

Parametric delivers highly reliable embedded systems that meet tough requirements in industrial, telecommunication, defense and public transport applications.

Projects include Telecom gateways, industrial displays, 3G/WLAN routers for railway applications, data loggers and IoT nodes.

Parametric GmbH


- System Design and Prototyping, OEM Systems
- Production Ramp up, Logistics
- Analogue and digital electronics
- FPGA / ASIC IP Cores and integration
- Firmware and Software (Embedded Linux, Android, eCos)
- Functional Verification
- Consulting and Training

Hardware Services


Carrier Boards, Product Design, Product Design and Development

Parametric Engineering have developed platforms for Smart Electronic Displays, Shelf Labels, Digital Signage Solutions, Telecon IoT Base Stations, and GSM/WiFi Routers.

They have good expertize in building platforms based on Colibri T30, Colibri  T20, Colibri iMX6 and Colibri VF50/61.

Prototypes can be designed and manufactured within a few weeks, depending on interface requirements. They have a complete in-house prototype lab.

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Software Services


Application Development, Database, Gateway Development Services, Machine Vision, UI Application Tools and Services

Operating Systems:

eCos, Embedded Linux

Embedded Software Consulting for Industrial and Public Transport Systems

  • Training and Consulting
  • Application Development
  • Management System for Devices in the field
  • Predictive Maintenance

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Waldeggstrasse 8, Interlaken 3800, Bern, Switzerland



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