Tesla Electronics

Tesla Electronics

Tesla Electronics
R. Carlos Gomes, 862, Sertãozinho 14160020, São Paulo, Brazil

Tesla Electronics is a Brazilian company specializing in design of printed circuit boards (PCB), embedded hardware and software. They have extensive experience in embedded development with products developed for industrial, medical and commercial areas. They can help your company during all development phases, creating prototypes, product cases, assembling, purchasing components and firmware.

Service Offering

Hardware Services

Services: Carrier Boards, Manufacturing, Product Design

Region: Europe, North America, South America

Tesla Electronics can provide carrier board design, TFT and LVDS display adaptation for Toradex Unified Display Interfaces, as well as end-to-end product development. The company has specialized production tools that are ideal for prototypes and small production batches.

Contact Person

Rogério Rodrigues

+55 16 3524 1525


R. Carlos Gomes, 862, Sertãozinho 14160020, São Paulo, Brazil

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