TES Electronic Solutions GmbH

TES Electronic Solutions GmbH

TES Electronic Solutions GmbH
Zettachring 8, Stuttgart 70567, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

TES Electronic Solutions is a leading full-spectrum Electronics Design Services Company and Technology Supplier with its headquarters in Germany.

Our focus areas include embedded platforms, professional multi-media systems and wireless solutions. Furthermore, TES is a leading supplier of intellectual property (IP), system solutions and expert services in video I/O, embedded graphics, and human machine interface (HMI) technologies.

We serve markets like e.g. Automotive, Avionics, Semiconductor, Industrial, White Goods, and Professional Audio, and provide services from full turn-key product development with supply chain and life cycle management to expert consultancy according to customers’ requirements.

We provide Hardware, Embedded Software, and FPGA Design services to our broad global customer base.

Service Offering

Software Services

Services: UI Application Tools and Services

Region: Europe

Operating Systems: Android, Embedded Linux, embOS, FreeBSD, INTEGRITY RTOS, QNX, Windows Embedded Compact

Embedded Graphics offerings and services:

  • 3D Surround View for Toradex Apalis iMX6
  • Embedded Graphic IP cores
  • Professional graphics application and optimization services (e.g. on OpenGL ES)
  • Graphics system development, drivers, test-frameworks, GPU virtualization,...
  • Embedded graphics consultancy: Bridging the cap between designers and engineering
  • Training, e.g. OpenGL ES

UI offerings and services:

  • Guiliani HMI Framework for embedded platforms 
  • HMI development and design services (for Guiliani, Qt or other HMI Frameworks)
  • HMI system development services (HW + SW)



3D Surround View for Industrial Applications

Contact Person

Thomas Hase

+49 40 411611 38


Frankenstrasse 3, Hamburg 20097, Hamburg, Germany

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