Mender is an open source over-the-air (OTA) software updater for connected Linux devices (Internet of Things). It is end-to-end open source, with the management server and client both licensed under Apache 2.0.

Reliably update your fleet of devices with Mender while managing all the security nuances required for the update process.

Built by the team behind the battle-hardened configuration management framework that currently manages over 10 million Linux-based systems, Mender provides an OTA software updates solution to fix software bugs, patch security vulnerabilities, and deliver new features to embedded Linux devices.

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Operating Systems:

Embedded Linux

Mender provides an open source OTA software updater that can be integrated to any Toradex board that supports the Yocto Project or other embedded Linux distributions. It is end-to-end, with both the client (to be integrated into the board) and the management server freely available to use.

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Simple Provisioning and OTA Update


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