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This page contains information of our partner companies who we think can help our customers with the development of their products. The information pages include a short description of the partner company’s scope of business, a weblink to their website as well as contact details. For further information, please get in touch with the partner company directly.

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  View GmbH GmbH is an embedded software engineering company providing services to manufacturers of industrial automation and control systems. Services can be offered on any CPU/OS platform.

Software Services

EtherCAT, Machine Learning, OPC UA, CODESYS, OS & Driver Development, Security

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Joint Projects
  • Matrikon Flex OPC UA stack on the Apalis iMX6
  • Matrikon FLEX OPC UA Server & Client as Torizon container on Verdin iMX8M Mini
  • Industrial Control System with CODESYS and Matrikon
  • Compact, panel and Web PLC versions for Apalix iMX6
  • Video drivers development for video streaming on panels Apalis TK1
  • Hardware specific driver development for IoT device on Verdin iMX8
  • Face detection, face recognition and pose estimation AI models on Verdin iMX8M Plus
CONZE Informatik GmbH

CONZE specializes in user interface engineering and creates sophisticated user interfaces (HMI/GUI) for a wide range of applications, including embedded devices, cloud services, mobile apps, and desktop apps.

Software Services

Consulting, Embedded Software Development, Application development in accordance to IEC 62304 - ISO 13485 – IEC 27001, Front-end and back-end development, Cloud Connectivity, Cloud Development

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Crossware is a cross platform UI, IoT, and multimedia Software Solution Provider. Pixelperfect and frictionless UX/UI applications and workflows are as close to it heart as ambitious C++ or C multimedia and middleware development.

Software Services

Embedded Software Development, WebUI, Application Development, Qt

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For Toradex, Riverdi is designing a DSI display line, based on its most successful high brightness IPS TFT LCD display line. Thanks to Riverdi’s unique modular system, customers around the world can have state-of-the-art displays.

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Sibrain Technologies Pvt Ltd

Sibrain is a leading solution provider in the embedded industry boasting a highly skilled team in the development and customization of niche solutions leveraging Android, Yocto, and Embedded Linux, across diverse embedded platforms.

Software Services

OTA, Embedded Software Development, Android Kernel, Android HAL, Yocto OS, OS & Driver Development

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Visuality Systems

Visuality Systems is the worldwide leader in the development and provision of Server Message Block (SMB) protocol solutions, serving the needs of embedded devices, Java systems, and mobile applications.

Software Services

Consulting, Embedded Software Development, Others, Cloud Connectivity, Java, OS & Driver Development

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