Embedded Linux

Toradex provides Embedded Linux BSPs featuring the Yocto Project compatible Ångström distribution. Various free tools and utilities are built-in in our standard linux image.

Few of the useful tools, including the ones developed in-house, are mentioned below.

Embedded Linux

Provides an interactive interface to the GPIOs on our modules

I2C Tool

Allows you low-level access to the I2C bus from user space


Hardware accelerated video encoding and playback

Kernel Driver Backports Integration

Latest Linux kernel drivers backported from mainline to our premium BSP out-of-the-box

Yocto-compatible BSP

Ready-to-use Yocto compatible build environment for fast development

GPIO Libsoc

C library to interface common peripherals through generic Linux Kernel interfaces

RT Tests

Set of tools for evaluation of real-time performance

U-Boot fw utils

Bootloader utility tool to read and write U-Boot environment variables from Linux user space

The standard Linux images also include off-the-shelf support for various peripherals and add-on products such as camera modules, touch displays and Wi-Fi sticks. Details can be found here.

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