Development with Torizon: First steps with TorizonCore and Docker

Date: November 19, 2020

Note: The webinar is held in Japanese.

In our last webinar, we went through a basic introduction on what Torizon is and how to get started with it. In this webinar, we will be going through a more detailed example on how to use TorizonCore, Torizon’s Embedded Linux Operative System, and the powerful Docker runtime binary that it is included on it.

We go through some containers examples and a complete demo with different programming languages like Python and C/C++.

We go through technologies like Dockerfile and Docker Hub with a bit more detail so that you can apply this for your own development.

And finally, we will see how we can make usage of a multi-container architecture and application using Docker Compose.

Key takeaways:
  • Installation of TorizonCore
  • Usage of TorizonCore
  • Dockerfiles examples: From source code to container
  • Docker-compose: Integrating several containers into your system

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