Webinar: Introduction to the Toradex Easy Installer (in Chinese)

Note: The webinar was held in Chinese

Toradex has pre-installed the Toradex Easy Installer on some new SoMs by which users can easily select the operating system that they wish to install. The advantages of the Toradex Easy Installer will benefit our customers immensely. With this webinar video, we provide training about advantages of the Toradex Easy Installer, and it’s usage.

What is the Toradex Easy Installer?
The Toradex Easy Installer is a pre-installed common management tool on Toradex SoMs featuring development, OS loading functions, and making it easy for customers to install WinCE or Linux on Toradex SoMs. This is a new tool which is different from specific OS and bootloader.

Toradex SoMs pre-installed with the Toradex Easy Installer:

Toradex’s latest upcoming modules, including the Colibri iMX7, will be pre-installed with the Toradex Easy Installer.

Note: The Module software license does not change with the Toradex Easy Installer pre-installed.

What can Toradex Easy Installer do?
  1. Production programming
    Toradex Easy Installer is able to automatically install OS and customer’s own application via SD card, USB stick and Ethernet when module is power on. No manual intervention is needed.
  2. OS switching
    You can easily switching between WinCE and Linux without typing complicated commands.
  3. Evaluating other OS from Toradex partners
    Toradex’s partners will provide Android, QNX etc. evaluation image. With Toradex Easy Installer, you can conveniently install and evaluate it.
Key take-aways:
  1. Install WinCE/Linux with Toradex Easy Installer
  2. Automatically install OS when module is power on
  3. Customize your own installation

Date: Dec 5, 2017
Language: Chinese
#Embedded Linux #Toradex Easy Installer #Windows Embedded Compact

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