Meeting the Challenge of OTA for Embedded Linux Systems

Date: November 23, 2021

Simon Goda
Simon Goda

Senior Member Technical Staff

Drew Moseley
Drew Moseley

Technical Solutions Architect

Meeting the Challenge of OTA for Embedded Linux Systems

In this webinar we look at the challenges of managing the process of updating software on embedded Linux systems remotely – often referred to as an Over The Air or OTA update.

The Webinar will cover:
  • The necessity and challenges of updating devices in the field
  • Security issues when dealing with remote device updates
  • The importance of a robust implementation
  • Additional security measures required for OTA
  • Adding an OTA mechanism to an embedded Linux build system, like Yocto

Toradex demonstrates how this challenge can be solved in a real world example, using the Torizon Platform on hardware featuring NXP i.MX Applications Processors.

Webinar agenda:
  • Common OTA features
  • Types of OTA - package based, image based
  • Challenges of OTA - power-cut tolerance, rollbacks security
  • Integrating with a build system
  • Open Source solutions for OTA
  • A Toradex solution

Note: The video recording of the webinar will be made available here shortly.

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