Qt Application on Toradex Module with Linux (in Chinese)

Date: September 6, 2016

Note: The webinar is held in Chinese.

Qt is widely used for GUI design on various platforms. On an embedded platform with 3D acceleration unit, Qt5 can offer impressive UI & UX. Its cross-platform framework allows you to program just once and run it everywhere.

In this webinar video, Toradex engineer Shanfeng Hu, demonstrates running the Qt application based on Xorg, framebuffer and eglfs on the Colibri i.MX6 module. You will also learn how to use the OpenEmbedded framework to customize a Linux image with Qt support, customized for your application. You can add required components like Controls, Serial Port support and so on. During the webinar, you will find it easy to evaluate and develop the Qt application on the Toradex Arm® module.

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