Joint webinar: Qt development with Toradex embedded Arm modules (in Chinese)

Date: December 23, 2016

Note: The webinar is held in Chinese.

Toradex is the world's leading supplier of industrial-grade Arm® computer modules that meet the diverse needs of a wide range of industrial customers with high reliability, family compatibility and long lifecycle products. Toradex and Qt® have been working closely together to provide industry customers with a reliable Qt application-ready platform solution for cross-operating systems (Linux and WinCE).

On viewing this webinar video, you will learn how to develop interesting applications using the latest Qt 5.7 on Toradex's industrial-grade Arm computer on module. Viewers will also have the opportunity to learn more about the full-featured Enterprise Edition Qt support library, which provides off-the-shelf solutions that can reduce your product development time. We also discuss the difference between a Community Authorization Certificate and a Commercial Authorization Certificate.

The session includes details on:

  • Toradex and its products
  • Qt 5 in the embedded field functions
  • Demo on Qt Device Creation on a Toradex module
  • Introduction to Qt License
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