Yocto Project hands-on with Toradex

Date: August 25, 2021

Yocto Project hands-on with Toradex

It may be difficult for novice to intermediate Linux users and developers to get a fundamental understanding of the "Yocto Project", as it doesn't necessarily follow the same paradigms as traditional software development. Additionally, System on Module (SoM) vendors, such as Toradex, may apply their own customizations to the Yocto Project as part of their Board Support Package (BSP) that may require some additional understanding.

In this webinar, brought to you by Embedded Linux Conference, subject-matter expert Mohammed Billoo takes a hands-on look at the Yocto Project and how to get a BSP up and running.

Key Takeaways
  • The paradigm of the Yocto project
  • The mindset that an engineer should have when working with a BSP based on Yocto
  • The organization and structure of the BSP provided by Toradex
  • Best practices engineers should follow when customizing a vendor-provided BSP to fit their custom hardware

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