HMI for Pipeline Inspection Crawler Systems

Sewer systems are mission-critical infrastructure. They prevent diseases and floods, making it possible to safely collect and divert rainwater. This infrastructure must stay in good working order and be properly maintained. Thanks to a sewer management process that comprises cleaning, inspection and rehabilitation, these networks remain fully operational. This process, however, is increasingly subject to regulations. For the cleaning and inspection steps, iPEK's product portfolio, which comprises a large variety of products, including a man-hole zoom camera system, pan & tilt push camera systems and crawler systems, helps infrastructure owners to make the most of tight budgets and precious natural resources while complying with applicable regulations.

iPEK International GmbH’s product lines cover a wide range of sewer inspection applications, focusing on ease of use, productivity, and minimal cost of ownership.


LVDS Display

Toradex SoMs provide an LVDS interface with simple instructions and tools that allow using almost any display on the markets in just a few steps. iPEK took advantage of the simple integration. Toradex webshop features LVDS displays for evaluation, and partnerships with display vendors further simplify the development of touch-screen-enabled products.


Toradex collaborates closely with The Qt Company, providing probably the best development experience in the industry. Toradex and Qt test the integration between SW and HW frequently, meaning Toradex customers get the highest performance, and a faster development time. This enables iPEK to create an intuitive UI with Video integration in an effective and fast manner.

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CAN Interface

Toradex SoMs feature up to 3x CAN-FD interfaces supporting CAE J1939, ISO 11783 "ISOBUS", ODB, and CANOpen. iPEK also took advantage of the integrated software support for the CAN interface on the Toradex System on Modules.

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The integrated Wi-Fi of the Apalis iMX8QM allowed iPEK to add wireless functionality in a simple way. Toradex will maintain the Hardware and Software. Precertification lowers the time-to-market and the risk.

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Great, open-minded, and fast support. A comprehensive Linux BSP that we were able to use nearly out-of-the-box!

Matthias Biskop

Head of Software Development, iPEK


The VC500 control panel from iPEK represents the latest generation of mobile control panels for its crawler and push-rod inspection systems. It enables operators to control the entire inspection process with their fingertips alone. VC500 highlights iPEK's philosophy of ease of use, productivity and minimal cost of ownership.

iPEK needs high video performance and responsive graphical interfaces for its control panels, meaning analog video is a requirement. The Apalis SoM family, fulfills iPEK’s needs completely:

  • Analogue video in
  • Analogue video out
  • HDMI video out
  • LVDS display, 1280x800px with touch
  • 576i50 video encoding
  • CAN interface
  • 3 USB interfaces
  • Wi-Fi
  • SD card slot
  • Several SPI and I2C interfaces

When using so many interfaces, Toradex’s Pinout Designer Tool is a great tool to work with, as it speeds up the design process.

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Starter Kits

Here are some recommended product combinations to get you started. The combinations are fully customizable for your needs.
If you like help to select the best hardware for your project please connect with us.

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Low-End Starter Kit

  • Up to four Cortex-A53 1.4 GHz processors
  • Cortex-M4F processor with speeds up to 400 MHz
  • TI AM62X applications processor
  • Dual-Band 2.4/5 GHz 1x1 Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) + Bluetooth 5.2
  • Torizon IoT Platform: Linux OS Maintenance, Remote Software Updates & Device Management
  • Linux Support included


  • 集成 OTA 和开发工具的免费 Torizon Cloud
  • 多个显示接口LVDS/DSI/HDMI
  • 高可靠的 Inline ECC Memory
  • 机器学习加速器和摄像头接口
  • 紧凑且经济


  • 集成 OTA 和开发工具的免费 Torizon Cloud
  • 最高性能的 CPU 和GPU
  • 用于安全或实时任务的集成微控制器
  • 可使用 QNX

带 Wi-Fi 的高端 HMI 入门套件


Maivin - 模块化全栈 AI 视觉系统

  • 全栈解决方案
  • 采用 Linux 操作系统,支持 OTA 和设备监控功能的 Torizon Cloud
  • 集成 DeepView 和eIQ 机器学习
  • 具有 NPU 的 NXP® i.MX 8M Plus 处理器
  • 模块化、紧凑设计,适合于现场部署
  • 相机传感器
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