Djukic Software GmbH

Djukic specializes in the development of Run-time Systems, compilers, interpreters and domain-specific languages (DSL). Their clients are from measurement, automation and embedded industry sectors.

Djukic Software GmbH

Software Services


PLC IEC 61131-3

Operating Systems:

Embedded Linux, Windows Embedded Compact

Djukic offers a Run-time System for Toradex hardware as well as an IEC 61131-3 compiler, dynamic linker, native code builder and interpreter. They also offer robot controller hardware and software, based on Toradex SoMs.


Video: Robot controller based on Colibri T20

Joint Projects

  • Control logic and end-user application
  • Fast prototyping, documentation of control logic code, one or more end-user applications, user forms, data exchanging, etc.


Gärtnerstr. 17, Nürnberg D-90408, Bayern, Germany



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