greatcom ag

greatcom ag is a comprehensive service provider with a broad range of development know-how. Their experience and technical knowledge makes it possible to handle customers' hardware and/or software project in shortest time, in a professional and accurate way. Their flexible team allows them to deliver services at very low cost to the market. Each of their employee is member of the company and assumes responsibility to the customer.

greatcom ag

Hardware Services


Carrier Boards, Product Design


  1. Concept design, schematic, layout, production documents using CAD tools from Altium, Xilinx
  2. EMC compliant design
  3. Connection of various I/O to modern bus systems (PCI, PCIe), FPGA design
  4. Low level driver development, Linux kernel adjustments
  5. Display Solutions, signal converters, variouse touchscreen technologies
  6. Development of test systems and hardware for the serial production
  7. Accompaniment of the product through the entire lifecycle


Software Services


Application Development, OS & Driver Development, Qt, SCADA

Operating Systems:

Android, Embedded Linux, Windows Embedded Compact

greatcom ag can attend your company during all phases of software development: consulting (eg. code review), project management, analysis, architecture & design, implementation, testing and / or maintenance.

To give you the best solution, they always adapt support to your personal needs



Gewerbestrasse 20, Egg bei. Zürich 8132, Zürich, Switzerland



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