Parallel image scaling on Christmann's RECS®|Box Atlas using Toradex SoM

Jun 15, 2018 | English
Christmann RECS|Box Atlas Quad using Toradex TK1 module

Christmann speaks of its collaboration with Toradex and shows a demo running on an Apalis module based on the NVIDIA® Tegra K1 SoC.

Micha vor dem Berge from Christmann showcases a demo at Embedded world 2018, highlighting parallel image scaling using the 'RECS®|Box Atlas Quad Apalis' Microserver evaluation kit. This uses four Apalis TK1 modules plugged on to the evaluation board which works in parallel, scaling images from larger to smaller sizes amplifying the potential of the Tegra modules. It can also be used to scale up the size.

Additionally, Christmann's 'RECS|Box Antares' can be integrated with 24x Apalis modules.

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