Toradex in Embedded World 2015

Date Apr 13, 2015
Language English

Showcases the various products and demos at Embedded World 2015. The Colibri VF61 demo shows the heterogenous multi-core capability, with Linux running on Arm Cortex-A5 and eCos on the Cortex-M4. The Cortex-A5 is running a Automotive panel cluster application, based on Qt. We also show some of customers' end-products including Miha Bodytec: Fitness device based on Colibri T20; Keio Univesity project Dancing Robot based on Colibri T20 and Iris carrier board; Smart Auto-pilot system based on Colibri T20 and Apalis iMX6; Embedded PC from Christ Electronics.

日期: Apr 13, 2015
选择语言: English
#Asymmetric Multicore #Embedded World #Heterogeneous Processing #Qt

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