OSTree for Embedded Linux Distribution Toradex

Date: June 29, 2022

OSTree for Embedded Linux Distribution Toradex

OSTree is a library widely adopted for the implementation of robust and secure frameworks for over-the-air (OTA) updates of Embedded Linux systems. OSTree introduces a number of novel and potentially challenging techniques, even for experienced developers familiar with a more traditional embedded Linux distribution. For example, OSTree allows for multiple Linux distributions to be stored on a single filesystem and each modified root filesystem (tree) is committed to a Git-like repository.

In this webinar, Toradex partner, Doulos provides an overview of the key features of OSTree and highlight how to get started by using appropriate Yocto layers. Doulos will also illustrate how a complete OSTree-based OTA integration is provided by the Torizon™ distribution from Toradex.

Some familiarity of the Yocto OpenEmbedded build system is necessary to better understand how an OSTree-based Linux system is implemented.

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