Python Magic Methods

Date: December 14, 2022

John Aynsley
John Aynsley

Co-Founder and Technical Fellow

Python Magic Methods

This webinar, presented by Doulos co-founder and Technical Fellow John Aynsley, enables you to sharpen up your Python coding skills as we explore Python magic methods. This webinar is suitable for anyone wishing to improve their Python coding skills or their understanding of the Python language.

This webinar will give you:
  1. A good understanding of how Python magic methods can be used to add functionality to user-defined objects.
  2. A good understanding of duck typing and how to create user-defined objects that can act as numbers, functions, iterators, sequences, and context managers.
  3. A good understanding of the convenience syntax that makes it possible to take control of attribute look-up for Python objects.
  4. A Jupyter Notebook to take away that contains all the runnable code examples shown in the webinar.

The webinar is presented in partnership with Toradex and concludes with a brief overview of the Toradex board portfolio and Torizon software platform.

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