Key Features

Most cost-effective computer module, engineered for use in a wide variety of applications.
Comes with a host of industrial interfaces like GPIO, I2C, PWM, CAN, SPI, USB 2.0 and many more, thus making it extremely flexible and useful.
Free Linux BSP provided.
Comes with industrial temperature variants.
Pin compatible with existing Colibri product family.
Long term availability until 2028.

Leading in Embedded ARM™ Computer Modules

World Leading in ARM Computer Modules

World leading in embedded ARM™ computer modules

Rock Solid Technology

Rock solid technology, deployed in virtually any industry worldwide

World’s fastest Windows CE™ cold boot time

World’s fastest Windows CE™ cold boot time in 480 ms

Long term product availability and product inter-compatibility

Long term product availability and product inter-compatibility

Extensive customer support

Extensive and pro-active customer support