Intel/Marvell Xscale PXA300 Computer on Module - Colibri PXA300


Ultra Low Cost Connectivity - Marvell XScale® PXA300 with 208MHz

Colibri PXA300 208MHz (XT) is an ultra low cost SODIMM sized computer module which is part of the comprehensive Colibri product family. It is based on the Marvell/Intel ARM® XScale®PXA300 (Monahans) embedded microcomputer and runs at 208MHz. The product targets cost sensitive applications where connectivity and standard operating systems are essential. The  PXA300 processor's power consumption is optimized using the Intel Wireless Speedstep® Technology. Colibri modules feature state of the art technology, aiming at low power systems that require high CPU performance. They also provide all the interfaces needed in a modern embedded device. There are two versions available, the Colibri PXA300 208MHz and an extended version, the Colibri PXA300 208MHz XT. In addition to all of the features of Colibri PXA300 208MHz, the XT version offers audio, touch, and analog-input functionality and is qualified for extended temperatures ranging  from -25°C to +85°C.

Besides the internal Flash memory, there additional interfaces available for data storage: USB-Memory Stick and SD Card.

Colibri modules provide glueless connectivity to passive and active LCDs with resolutions of up to 1024x768. Colibris can directly connect to a CMOS camera sensor.

In addition Colibris offer 100 MBit Ethernet as well as USB host and USB device functionality.

Flexibility and Scalability

Colibris can be scaled to meet specific cost requirements.

The entire CPU bus is available for custom extensions, such as special interfaces for high bandwidth applications.

Professional Development Tools

Colibris come with a pre-installed Windows CE operating system and state of the art development tools that allow for an easy customization of the system to make it fit specific needs (e.g. LCD settings & timings, integration of customer software and the auto-start option at startup).

Users can therefore concentrate on their actual application without going through the hassle of setting up an operating system. Special drivers are delivered by Toradex on request.