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KDAB has 20 years’ experience delivering functional, high-performing and innovative software to our customers across embedded, mobile and desktop platforms for projects using C++, Qt, QML/Qt Quick, OpenGL, HTML5, JavaScript and REST APIs.

KDAB has delivered hundreds of successful Qt projects as well as held over 500 Qt trainings for developers in companies like Boeing, CERN, IBM, Intel, Orange, Roche, Shell & Siemens

Their services include the following:

  • Improving Platform’s Performance: Android, QNX, WindowsCE, embedded Linux are all platforms in which they offer Qt optimizations and touch screen UI development
  • Getting help with Qt projects and Qt bugs: Work with customers at any level of integration, from mentoring and troubleshooting, through to full implementation and bug fixing 
  • Speeding up graphics with OpenGL: Configure, optimize and debug Qt with OpenGL to get optimal graphics performance on mobile and embedded hardware 
  • Porting code from legacy GUI-toolkits to Qt: Port Qt3, Qt4 or GUI toolkits like, Motif, Java, Tcl, Gtk, MFC, .NET, Photon to Qt5, so customers can do more and  faster with Qt  
  • Building complete Qt application: Help customers to develop system architecture, UIs and applications across platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux/X11 

Software Services


Consulting, Embedded Software Development, Qt, Training, WebUI

Operating Systems:

Android, Embedded Linux, Windows Embedded Compact

Toradex teamed up with the Qt experts, KDAB, to make Qt 5.2 available on Windows CE 7 running on Toradex's Colibri and Apalis Arm computer modules.

KDAB has been the primary contributor to the Qt on Windows CE and Embedded Compact platforms for years. As soon as Qt 5 was released,  KDAB brought it to these platforms and continue to ensure it works well. Since many of their customers rely on Qt on the embedded Windows platforms, even the venerable Windows CE 5, for their current or legacy systems, KDAB regularly keep Qt updated and add support for new features where they make sense. 

Find out more about their service here

Press Release: Qt 5.2 on Windows CE 7 running on Toradex Colibri Modules


Klarälvdalens Datakonsult AB, Box 30, SE-683 21, Hagfors, Varmland, Sweden


Europe, North America

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