A Safety-Certified and Secure Operating System

QNX is an operating system ideal for functional safety on mission-critical embedded systems. Together with Toradex’s robust hardware — which is also perfect for mission-critical applications — you have a complete solution for your product, regardless of its environment or application.



One-Click Installation

Evaluate QNX on Toradex modules with one click using Toradex Easy Installer

Ready-to-use BSPs

Develop your application today, instead of waiting months for a QNX port

Free Apalis iMX8 BSP

The Apalis iMX8 port of QNX is available to QNX license holders at no additional charge

Easy to Customize

Do it yourself or work with a third-party integrator

QNX Highlights


Ready for certification on mission-critical systems


Ensures system resources are available when needed on Arm Cortex-A cores


Isolates applications, drivers and protocol stacks outside the kernel

Layered Security

Easily configure security profiles with the granularity you need for your systems

ECC on RAM and caches

SafeAssure failover-capable displays

28-nanometer FDSOI silicon process

Secure boot

Industrial temperature range

Shock- and vibration-resistant

Arm Cortex-M4 to offload critical tasks

Hardware virtualization

Ready-to-use QNX Images

QNX is already available on several Toradex modules and can be installed on several others. Learn more about the available offerings.


Apalis iMX8

A QNX BSP is available for free, ported directly by the QNX team.

Direct Insight

Colibri iMX8X

A QNX port is provided by our partner Direct Insight.


Apalis iMX6

Colibri iMX6

A QNX port is provided by our partner Triadem.

Integration Partners

In addition to the existing ports, our QNX partners can help you design your product faster. Contact us for more details.

QNX 7.0 on Toradex NXP® i.MX Based Computer on Modules

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