Quality and Reliability

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Toradex provides information regarding various types of testings like vibration test, EMI test, temperature test, functional test, verification test, extensive environmental test and post-test analysis carried on Toradex carrier boards and computer modules. The test procedures have been performed by a leading independent and internationally accredited testing laboratory company ((ISO/IEC 17025), inspection body (ISO/IEC 17020), Quinel AG.

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Shock and Vibration Tests

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Reliability by design
Reliability starts with product design. The SoCs and other key components used on our SoMs are designed to run 24/7 with high utilization and at high temperatures for many years.
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Dependable in extreme temperatures
Our industrial temperature rated products are extensively tested from –40º to +85ºC.
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Shock- and vibration-tested
Our SoMs are a popular choice for harsh environments like rally cars, helicopters and railways. The modules are validated for shock and vibration resistance by an accredited Swiss test laboratory according to EN 60068-2-6 at up to 50g/20ms.
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Full functional testing and traceability
Purpose-built automated test equipment exercises every single SoM in an extensive functional test. All results are logged and archived, so each and every module is fully traceable. Advanced test data analytics allows possible manufacturing issues to be spotted before shipment.
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Standardized product variants
As Toradex limits its number of product variations, every variation is tested and certified by numerous customers in various demanding applications. This means your product configuration is extensively tested.
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Toradex SoMs are tested for electromagnetic compliance (EMC), which helps reduce issues in your design. Reference designs and design guides further minimize risks in your final EMC tests.
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ISO 9001
Toradex partners with renowned industrial electronic manufacturing service (EMS) companies in Germany for the production of our SoMs. All our contract manufacturers are ISO 9001-certified.
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Software quality
Toradex operating systems and BSPs are the base for critical applications, and are built with quality and reproducibility in mind. Continuous integration improves software quality and decreases time-to-market.
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Long-term availability
We put extensive effort into selecting reliable suppliers, and validate and approve second source components to ensure you can order our SoMs for more than 10 years.