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The webinars are an effort to address some of the most enterprising topics and challenges associated with the Embedded Design industry around the world. Participation in any of our webinars is absolutely free of charge. Ensure that you register ahead of time for the upcoming interactive, live webinars which will be conducted by our subject matter experts.

In case you have missed out on attending any of our live webinar sessions or would want to revisit it again, please view the archived webinars section on this page.

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Doulos brings forth an interesting training webinar, which delves into how a minimal Linux system can be extended to include custom, packaged software. Doulos demonstrates how standard Linux tools, such as gdbserver or the Target Communication Framework agent (TCF agent), drops out of the build system and can be used in a stand-alone SDK.

Webinar Details

February 23, 2018

 - Adrian Thomasset, Senior Member Technical Staff, Doulos / Yocto Expert
 - Dominik Sliwa, Senior Development Engineer, Toradex AG
 - Brandon Shibley, Senior Solutions Architect, Toradex Inc.

In this webinar, Toradex will put together its well-known NXP®-based SoMs/SBCs together with the expertise of our guest, Sierra Wireless, in communication and IoT to showcase how you can quickly transform your ideas into PoCs, prototypes and end-products using complementary product lines which are off-the-shelf, but still allow for customization and scalability.

Webinar Details

March 28, 2018

 - Carlos Galuzio, Sales Manager, Sierra Wireless
 - Filipe Rodrigues Marques, FAE, Sierra Wireless
 - Guilherme Fernandes, CEO, Toradex Brasil
 - Leonardo Graboski Veiga, FAE, Toradex Brasil