Windows® CE / Windows Embedded Compact

WindowsWindows Embedded Compact, also formerly known as Windows CE (Win CE), is a real-time, small foot-print operating system. This OS is ideal for building embedded products targeted for variety of industrial applications. The gamut of built-in tools and technologies accelerates time-to-market and enhanced user-experience for embedded products.

Toradex CoM Family - Apalis iMX6, Colibri T30 & Colibri VF50

In-house BSP Support: Value Proposition

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Free pre-built images
Toradex provides free pre-built images for Windows Embedded Compact (CE5 to WEC2013)
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Free Run-time license
The Run-time license is included in the price of the module
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Due to built-in flexibility and configurability, customers use the Toradex standard Windows Embedded image
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Enhanced feature set
Enhanced feature set compared to a standard Windows Embedded Compact platform
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Easy configuration
Allows easy configuration of a wide range of OS parameters and driver settings, e.g. display configuration and power management
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Free libraries
Workspace files and libraries are freely available
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Free tools & utilities
Tools and utilities are provided that allow customers to customize their own image rapidly, leveraging the Toradex adaptations
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Extensive documentation
Our developer web site contains hands-on documentation and a transparent development road map
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Software updates
Constantly improving OS stability through feedback from our huge customer base in various industries