Toradex AG

Year of Foundation: 2003
Company Type: Shareholder Company
Address: Toradex AG
Ebenaustrasse 10
CH-6048 Horw, Switzerland

Tel: +41 41 500 4800
Email: info [at] toradex [dot] com
Company Registration Number: CHE-110.305.950 HR
Samuel Imgrueth (CEO)
Stephan Dubach (COO)
Brandon Shibley (R&D)
Daniel Lang (Marketing)
Roman Schnarwiler (Processes & Quality)
Caroline Oberson (Finance)
Beat Germann (Supply Chain)
Auditing Company: PricewaterhouseCoopers AG
Birchstrasse 160
CH-8050 Zurich, Switzerland
V.A.T. Numbers: CHE-110.305.950 MWST (Switzerland)
DE256625648 (Germany)
Bank Account (EURO): Deutsche Bank AG
Senser Platz 2, D-79539 Lörrach, Germany
IBAN: DE66 6837 0034 0062 2597 00
BLZ 68370034
Trademark Information: Toradex® is a registered trademark of Montadex GmbH.
Company Mission: We help our customers with our hardware and software expertise to speed up their product development and to be successful in the market.
Company Office in Horw/Lucerne: Toradex Headquarters, Switzerland