Carrier Board Design

Open-source hardware accelerates the time-to-market and reduces development risk, as designers can easily develop their custom carrier board based on their specific interface requirements and budget constraints. We simplify your development of custom carrier board, which are compatible with our Computer on Module (CoM) / System on Module (SoM), by offering free reference designs, tools and documentation.


Carrier Board Layout To Design

Reference Design

Schematics We provide reference designs of our off-the-shelf carrier boards in electronic format. These reference designs include all schematics, layout and IPC-7351 compliant component libraries in Altium designer format. You can use these files as reference while designing your carrier board.

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Pinout Designer

Pinout Designer

This is an interactive tool that offers tremendous assistance while designing custom carrier board. It is really helpful in carrier board development on Toradex modules and in checking compatibility of existing carrier boards with our modules.

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Carrier Board Design & Layout Guides

Carrier Board Design & Layout Guides

We offer extensive documentation that can help you in developing and designing custom carrier board for Apalis and Colibri modules. The design guides offers details about the various interfaces and contains reference schematics. The layout guide contains general guidelines that will avoid signal integrity and EMC issues in the carrier board.

Free downloads:
Carrier Board Layout Guide
Apalis Carrier Board Design Guide
Colibri Carrier Board Design Guide

Hardware Service Partners

Hardware Service Partners

We have an extensive proven partner network that includes 3rd party companies offering hardware services for design, development and manufacturing of custom carrier boards, which are compatible to our modules. These partners will help you reduce the risk and time involved in custom carrier board development.

Learn about our Carrier Board design partners
Learn about our Carrier Board manufacturing partners

Video - Building your own Custom Carrier Board!

Video - Designing Custom Carrier Board

Learn how easy it is to design your own carrier board for Toradex's System on Modules (SoMs). We guide you through the wide range of reference schematics and design guides provided. We also talk about our powerful tool - Toradex Easy Installer, and provide insights on selecting the right components for a design with long-term availability.


Garner detailed information on various topics that will help you during Custom Carrier Board Development. Find out about our various resources that makes your custom board design less risky and less time-consuming.