Carrier Board Design

Open-source hardware accelerates the time to market and reduces development risk, as designers can easily develop a custom carrier board based on their specific interface requirements and budget constraints. We simplify the process of developing a custom carrier board that is compatible with our System on Modules (SoMs) by offering free reference designs, tools and documentation.

Carrier Board Layout Design

Reference Designs

Toradex provides reference designs for its off-the-shelf carrier boards and accessories. These reference designs include schematics, layouts and IPC-7351 compliant component libraries in Altium designer format. We also provide the schematics in PDF format for quick reference

Altium Viewer
Free and Open
Manufacturing Data
Bill of Materials (BOM)
Schematics and layouts
3D mechanical models
Validated with real hardware
IPC-7351-compliant component libraries

Pinout Designer

Pinout Designer

In an embedded system project, correctly assigning System on Module or system on chip pin functions is often a time-consuming process. To simplify this task, Toradex provides Pinout Designer, an interactive tool that assists developers in designing pinouts for both Toradex carrier boards and customized carrier boards. In both situations, Pinout Designer simplifies the process and mitigates project risks caused by incorrect pin function assignment.

Avoid Pin-Sharing Conflicts

The tool detects whether a module’s edge or SoC pin is used for more than one interface at the same time

Ensure Scalability Between Modules

Multiple modules can be selected. Differences between the modules are highlighted, enabling the creation of a configuration that is compatible with several Toradex modules.

Ensure Compatibility With Toradex Carrier Boards

The Pinout Designer is a powerful tool to check whether the pin muxing of an existing carrier board is compatible with the pin configuration for the selected Toradex modules.

Reduce Project Risks

Pinout Designer reduces project risks that may be caused by incorrect pin function assignment, such as additional time debugging failures or incorrect layouts.

Ease Project Documentation

The export function makes it possible to create helpful function and pin list documentation for hardware and software development.

Carrier Board Design & Layout Guides

We offer extensive documentation that can help you in developing and designing custom carrier boards for Apalis and Colibri modules. The design guides offer details about the various interfaces and contain reference schematics. The layout guide contains general guidelines for avoiding signal integrity and EMC issues in the carrier board.

Carrier Board Design and Layout Guides

Hardware Service Partners

We have an extensive, proven partner network that includes third-party companies offering hardware services for designing, developing and manufacturing custom carrier boards that are compatible with our modules. These partners will help you reduce the risk and time involved in custom carrier board development.

Hardware Service Partners

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