BSP Layers and Reference Images for the Yocto Project

The Yocto Project is one of the most popular frameworks for building a customized embedded Linux distribution. Toradex is a Yocto Project Participant and maintains in-house, production-grade BSP layers and reference images compatible with the Yocto Project. This provides an ideal starting point for your embedded Linux projects. The Toradex BSP is also the foundation of Torizon, our ready-to-use industrial Linux platform.

Embedded Linux yocto


Free and Open-Source

Yocto is free and open-source software

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Production-Quality BSPs

Our BSPs are developed in-house and continuously updated

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Yocto Project-Compatible

Toradex’s embedded Linux BSPs are fully Yocto Project-compatible

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Torizon Ready

Instantly add OTA Remote Updates, Fleet Monitoring, and Remote Access with Zero Setup Security

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Long-Term Support (LTS)

We use LTS software and have a policy of upstreaming our changes to mainline

Fully Customizable

Build your own embedded Linux with only the components you require

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Reference Distributions

Accelerate your development with one of the reference Images

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Fully Customizable

Use the Yocto Project to build your own highly-optimized embedded Linux distribution. Customizing our distribution is straightforward thanks to our extensive documentation.

Minimal memory footprint
  • Enable your system to boot quickly
  • Free up memory for your applications
Kernel drivers
  • Add custom device drivers
  • Enable any peripheral you desire
Open source
  • Easily comply with open-source licensing
  • Blacklist licenses you don’t want to use

Toradex Yocto Project Reference Images

To kick start your project, Toradex provides reference Yocto Project Distributions, including binary images:

Toradex Reference Minimal Image
  • Based on Poky, the official reference image for the Yocto Project
  • Console-only
  • Minimal footprint
Toradex Reference Multimedia Image
  • Qt 5 integration
  • Gstreamer and V4L2
  • Wayland + Weston
  • Hardware-accelerated graphics
Torizon OS Reference Minimal Image
  • Built on top of Toradex’s BSP
  • Secure and Reliable Remote and Offline Updates
  • Remote Access Feature
  • Fleet Management via Torizon Cloud Option

You can install the reference images in one click with the Toradex Easy Installer.

Get Started Using Toradex Easy Installer

The Yocto Project allows for maximum flexibility — however, it has a steep learning curve and brings with it the added complexity of maintaining your own Linux distribution. If you would prefer to focus more on your application, take a look at Torizon OS, our easy-to-use industrial Linux platform. Torizon OS works right out of the box and includes a binary distribution. It receives regular updates and its advanced tooling allows for simple customizations to support your use case. Torizon OS is also building with Toradex the Yocto Project Layer, so all customization options are available, too.

High-Quality BSP

Our optimized embedded Linux BSPs are developed and supported in-house. They are designed and tested to be directly integrated into your end product. The Toradex embedded Linux BSPs are used by thousands of our customers, many of whom are building critical devices for industrial automation, healthcare and transportation.

Transparent issue tracking
  • Subscribe for targeted updates
  • Track issue progress
  • See features of upcoming releases
  • Browse features submitted for mainline
Modern CI/CD infrastructure
  • High-Quality releases
  • Fast release cycle
  • Automated and manual tests
  • Constant improvements


Easily integrate your product with the Torizon Cloud, and enable a secure way to develop and maintain IoT devices in the field.

Remote OTA and Offline Updates
  • Easy-to-use and dummy-proof Offline update system
  • Full-stack Updates, from the bootloader to the application, even including external devices
  • Based on the Secure Automotive Grade Uptane Framework
Fleet Monitoring
  • Preemptively Detect and Fix Issues
  • Get Full-Stack Visibility
  • Share your fleets with co-workers
Remote Access
  • Lower time to troubleshoot with instant SSH access to any device in the field
  • Flexible: SSH, HTTP, and any TCP-based protocol
  • See what your customer sees with secure VNC


Part 1 (Introduction):
Building Embedded Linux Images With the Yocto Project
Part 2 (Advanced)
Building Embedded Linux Images With the Yocto Project
How to add OTA Updates and other IoT features to your Yocto image

Open Source

Docker Hub

We at Toradex are committed to open source. Our technologies are based heavily on open-source software. We contribute to and serve as maintainers of many open-source projects, and we actively participate in open-source communities. We are actively working on upstreaming changes and focusing our efforts on mainline development as much as possible. At Toradex, we believe working together builds better products for everyone. We are always interested in collaboration.

The Toradex BSPs and images for Yocto are publicly available free of charge, allowing you to fully customize and redistribute them to your end customers. You can leverage the vast Linux ecosystem to bring your products to the market faster.

Torizon’s Community

All Toradex Computer on Modules are supported

Apalis Arm® Family

The Apalis Arm family of Computer on Modules (CoMs) offers advanced computing with supreme graphics at optimal power consumption, along with support for high-speed interfaces and extensive multimedia formats. It includes free BSPs and support for both Windows Embedded Compact and Linux (Yocto Project).

Verdin Arm® Family

The Verdin Arm family of Computer on Modules (CoMs) combines modern, high-speed interfaces with an intuitive pinout and a compact form factor to create a scalable, pin-compatible, cost- and power-optimized offering.

Colibri Arm® Family

The Colibri Arm family offers an extensive portfolio of pin-compatible System on Modules (SoMs). These SoMs feature a small form factor complemented by the presence of many industrial and connectivity interfaces. It includes free BSPs and support for both Windows Embedded Compact and Linux (Yocto Project).

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