Intended Use and Lifecycle States

Toradex is highly committed to ensuring the long-term availability of its high-quality products. We produce end products and those enabling evaluation and fast development. The product state changes over time as it moves through its succession of stages. The following page describes the Toradex product's intended use, product versioning, and lifecycle states.

PCN Policy

Hardware Products

Intended Use

Hardware Products are differentiated by their intended use. This is an important property that may have an impact on several key aspects of the product. It is recommended to use the products in accordance with their intended use. The intended use attribute is listed in the "Features" section of the related product page.

For End Products

Products intended to be integrated/assembled into end products and purchased in volumes are identified by the attribute “For End Products”.

For Evaluation/Development

Products intended to be used for evaluation and/or development purposes only are identified by the attribute “For Evaluation/Development”.

Product versus Product Version

While a Hardware Product is defined by a common name and by its first four digits in its Product Number (PN), the Hardware Product Version is revealed in the last four digits of the PN and might change over a product lifetime.
The obsolescence of key components, for example, might require a new Product Version of the Hardware Product. This is the case if there is no reasonable technical replacement part which guarantees the same form, fit and function or if the change adversely affects the quality or reliability of the product. This is commonly referred to as a “major change”, leading to a new Product Version.


  Product Product Version
Product Name Colibri iMX6ULL 512MB WB IT Colibri iMX6ULL 512MB WB IT V1.0A
Product Number 0040 xxxx 0040 1000
Product Name Iris Carrier Board Iris Carrier Board V1.1B
Product Number 0135 xxxx 0135 1101
Product Lifecycle States
In Development

Products listed in this state are still in their development stage.

Sample Production

Sample Products are available for purchase in lower quantity. Such products can be new products or in exceptional cases an updated versions of an existing product. Please note that the products listed under this state are subject to change without prior notice from Toradex. Software support is not full-featured and typically hardware revisions are only supported until the next version is released. Generally, Sample products are supported with Monthly Software releases.

Volume Production

Volume Products are fully validated products in mass production. Smaller volumes are usually available from stock, while a reliable supply of higher volumes does require firm orders. Customers will be notified about any changes and they will have the possibility to place Last Time Buy (LTB) orders for a change of a Volume Product, according to our PCN Policy. The full Toradex Software support is provided, including Long Term Supported (LTS) production releases. Note: Toradex guarantees minimum availability for products - not for a specific version of a product.

Last Time Buy (LTB)

Last Time Buy (LTB) product state refers to the final opportunity for customers to place orders for a specific product before it it reach End-of-Life and will be no longer available for purchase. Note: there will be no further versions of the product, but Toradex will offer an alternative product family as a replacement option.

End-of-Life (EOL)

Products listed in this state are in the end of a product's lifecycle. Toradex will no longer produce this product and this product may no longer be available for purchase beyond the LTB dates indicated in respective PCN.

Software Products

Toradex is constantly adding features and improving its Software including boot loader, operating systems, libraries and tools. All changes of a specific software version is documented in the respective change log of the Software Product. The applicable Software Versioning Convention is documented on the Toradex Developer Center.

Please contact our technical support if you have any questions.

Product Version Change

Toradex does publish the roadmap of its Software Products on the Toradex Developer Website's Software Section.

Windows CE / Windows Embedded Compact

The Windows Embedded Compact BSP roadmap can be found on the Toradex Developer Website's Windows Embedded Compact Section by selecting the respective BSP and then “Release Roadmap”.

Embedded Linux

The Embedded Linux BSP Releases are documented on the Toradex Developer Website's Linux Software Release Section.

Toradex also provides an overview of its Embedded Linux BSP Support strategy on the Toradex Developer Website.

Customer’s Obligation of Validation

Toradex’ s Embedded Computing solutions allow a fast time-to-market by reusing widely deployed platforms running 24/7 in thousands of applications.

But as the Hardware and Software Products of Toradex are only one part of the end product, Toradex cannot take any responsibility for the suitability or reliability of the customer product. Therefore, customers are obliged to do a full release testing of the intended combination of Toradex Hardware and Toradex Software Products on the target system. The software to validate shall include the complete stack (for example the combination of boot loader, OS and application).
Customers shall only use a fully validated combination of Toradex Hardware and Toradex Software Products in volume production.

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