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Computer on Modules (CoM) / System on Modules (SoM) offer reliable and cost-effective embedded platform for building end-products. Toradex offers an extensive range of CoMs using leading Arm based System on Chips (SoC).

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Ready-to-use, Computing solution

Apalis, Verdin, Aquila and Colibri CoMs are pin-compatible within the family

Proven Solution and access to latest technology

Accelerate time-to market and reduce development time

Reliable and long-term product availability

It runs under extreme conditions, high vibration, high humidity

By Family

Apalis Arm® Family

Apalis Arm family Computer on Modules (CoMs) offers advanced computing with supreme graphics at optimal power consumption, along with support of high speed interfaces and extensive multimedia formats. Includes free BSPs & support for Windows Embedded Compact and Linux (Yocto project)

  • Advanced computing
  • Supreme graphics
  • High speed connectivity and advanced multimedia
  • Free BSPs & OS support (WEC, Embedded Linux)
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Verdin Arm® Family

Verdin Arm family Computer on Modules (CoMs) combine modern high-speed interfaces, an intuitive pinout and a compact form factor into a scalable, pin-compatible, cost and power-optimized offering. Includes free BSPs & support for Linux (Yocto project)

  • Modern high-speed interfaces
  • Pin Compatibility
  • Simple Carrier Board Design
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Power and Cost Optimized Modules
  • Free BSPs & OS support (Embedded Linux)
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Aquila Arm® Family

Aquila is Toradex’s newest family of Computers on Module (CoMs) and designed specifically for applications requiring the highest performance and industrial reliability and safety. Going further, Aquila is also cost-effective: offering similar performance for a lower cost.

  • High-Performance Computing
  • Optimized for AI and Vision
  • Industrial Reliability
  • Power Efficient
  • Ready for the Future
  • Torizon: Easy-to-use Industrial Linux
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Colibri Arm® Family

Colibri Arm family offers an extensive portfolio of pin-compatible System on Modules(SoMs). These SoMs have small form factor, complemented with the presence of many industrial and connectivity interfaces. Includes free BSPs & support for Windows Embedded Compact and Linux (Yocto project)

  • SODIMM sized Computer on Modules
  • Cost-performance optimized designs
  • Various industrial and connectivity interfaces
  • Free BSPs & OS support (WEC, Embedded Linux)
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By System on Chip


CoMs powered by NVIDIA® Tegra™ TK1, T30 and T20 SoCs. Offers high performance with supreme graphics

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CoMs powered by NXP® (formerly Freescale) i.MX 8, i.MX 95, i.MX 7 and i.MX 6 SoCs. Low power, scalable performance & industrial I/Os

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NXP NXP Vybrid

CoMs powered by NXP® (formerly Freescale) Vybrid™ SoCs. Ideal for cost-sensitive industrial products

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TI TI Sitara™ AM62 | AM69

CoMs powered by TI Sitara™ AM62, AM69 SoCs. An attractive entry point to the Verdin ecosystem with the lowest total cost of ownership

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